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Reviews (1)


Lead Trainer for Maryland

I am Certified in

International Sports Sciences Association




Hello My Name Is Jasmine :), im An ISSA certified personal trainer assisting all I have the pleasure to a healthy active lifestyle. My fitness enthusiast career was the result of my PCOS diagnosis which caused insulin resistance and rapid weight gain as obesity was a major symptom. In the process of me changing my lifestyle for the better I found gratitude and pleasure assisting others to do the same. Mind, Body and Soul is my motto therefore specializing in energy healing, reiki healing, women’s health, postpartum fitness, body transformations and mindset coaching. My goal is to not only change your aesthetic but also transform your lifestyle to guarantee forever results. My regiments involve falling in love with both the old version of yourself while creating the best version possible, and making sure your only competition is the person in the mirror. I hope I have the pleasure of assisting you on your fitness journey as well.


Weight Loss
Endurance Training
Holistic Training
Cardio and Conditioning
HIIT training

Jasmine Reviews (1)



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Your success is our success, so we treat every client like family. It's our goal to fully educate you on all aspects of diet and nutrition, injury prevention, weight loss, general toning, and overall well-being.

All of our fitness trainers pride ourselves on helping you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your home, work place, apartment, community gym, park & etc. With in-home training there are many benefits including; not dealing with the hassle of the gym, having your personal trainers travel to you and the ability to control hours of your workout.


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