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Personal Trainer for Maryland

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Greg grew up in Howard County and attended Centennial High School in Ellicott City, Maryland. His passion for fitness comes from his sports background and his desire to help others. His involvement in sports has been from childhood to the collegiate level. He was knocking down jump shots and beating his older brothers in basketball when he was only five! At Centennial, Greg lettered in baseball, track and football. During Greg’s high school career, he was personally trained by Joe Haden, Sr., whose son, Joe Jr., went on to an All-Pro career in the NFL. Greg draws inspiration and motivation from the workouts during that time and insists they were the hardest of his life. Unfortunately, concussions cut short his college football career but he recovered quickly thanks to the efforts of the Concussion/Mental Health Program at Brain Train America. Exercise was an integral part of his recovery also. Greg attributed his newfound focus and efficiency to the work with Brain Train America as well as making fitness a part of his lifestyle. Greg also gained inspiration from his college strength and football coaches who really helped him focus on what he wanted to do as a profession. Greg earned a degree in Exercise Science from Howard County Community College and is currently trying to enter the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Community College of Baltimore County. Greg is certified as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). He is currently completing his Nutrition Fitness Specialist certification also through ACE. As a fitness professional, Greg has held positions at Merritt Athletic Club, YMCA, Columbia Association and, most recently, URecFit at the University of Maryland. He has seen success with clients in helping them gain strength,lose weight and increase flexibility.


Weight Loss
Strength Training
Athletic Training
HIIT training

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Your success is our success, so we treat every client like family. It's our goal to fully educate you on all aspects of diet and nutrition, injury prevention, weight loss, general toning, and overall well-being.

All of our fitness trainers pride ourselves on helping you achieve your fitness goals from the comfort of your home, work place, apartment, community gym, park & etc. With in-home training there are many benefits including; not dealing with the hassle of the gym, having your personal trainers travel to you and the ability to control hours of your workout.


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