Tiffany McCarthy
Personal Trainer

Tiffany was born in Laurel, Maryland. She has played various sports but has excelled with soccer in particular. Starting from club soccer to attending Florida State University as a student-athlete, Tiffany has been accustomed to a very active lifestyle. It was at Florida State that she learned the hard work and dedication it take to excel personally and in athletics. She is a current professional soccer player in the National Women’s Soccer League. She enjoys personal training and helping others achieve their goals. She is an avid movie watcher and also enjoys yoga. Tiffany has experience with group trainings as well as individual training.

It is Tiffany’s belief that everyone should have the opportunity and access to an active lifestyle. She chose Svetness because of the dedication to reach each and every goal a client has. She believes that at the root of every clients success is motivation.

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