Shayor Rahman
Personal Trainer

Born in his hometown Dhaka, Bangladesh, Shayor got his first experience of Europe at the age of 8 upon moving to Budapest, Hungary. In Budapest is where he developed his love for sports including his favorite, soccer. At the age of 13 Shayor moved to Vienna, Virginia to continue his education and exercise his love for sports. Throughout high school and college Shayor has participated in team sports like American Football, Basketball and Track which is when he gained interest in fitness. At this point, there was only one area of fitness in which he just couldn’t improve and that was body fat percentage. That lacking area inspired him to get educated on fitness through nutrition courses at George Mason University and becoming certified himself as a Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Since the certification, nutrition along with excellent exercise has been the feature concepts of his fitness philosophy and at the Summer of 2014, Shayor finally achieved a single digit body fat percentage. Today Shayor is doing what he loves, training people and continuing to improve his knowledge in fitness and computers.

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