Pawel Gaska
Personal Trainer

Pawel Gaska was born and brought up in his hometown of Ostroleka, Poland. Early on in his life, Pawel discovered a passion for fitness and sports. He would often be found playing on his school’s soccer, basketball and volleyball teams. Pawel studied Physical Therapy for his undergraduate degree. During his stint as a student, he trained a semi-professional volleyball team and provided therapy for Parkinson’s patients. Pawel has a firm understanding of human anatomy, physiology of the body, and what it takes to achieve his client’s goals.  He is focused on designing personalized workouts customized to each client. With a broad background in athletics and healthcare, Pawel loves to incorporate techniques such as circuit training, plyometrics, improving flexibility and joint stability, along with the proper nutrition needed for achieving both long and short term fitness goals. After emigrating to America, Pawel has continued to pursue his fitness passion and to achieve his dream of coaching others into achieving their fitness goals.

Pawel choose SVETNESS as it aligns with his goals to improve himself as a trainer and to help others maximize their fitness.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

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