Michael Roccabruna
Lead Trainer (Northern VA)

For Michael, being fit and healthy is as important to ones lifestyle as paying bills and going to work. It must be done! Having played Football throughout high school and after has given him a competitive edge and he strives to be different from the pack. Ever since his first time in the weight room as a 14 year old freshman he knew he had found a lifelong hobby which would be beneficial to him for the rest of his life. Many years later he has now found that to be more than just a hobby and have made living a health, fit lifestyle a passion which led him to pursue his studies in physical education and personal training. Understanding the science behind the human body and exercise is fascinating to Michael and he loves trying new methods and regimes. Everyone desires to look and feel good and Michael’s goal is to help bring out the best of yourself whatever that may be, the body is capable of extraordinary things and it can be very fun and rewarding to accomplish your goals.

Actions = Results

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