George Lazarov
COO/ Master Trainer

Born and raised in a small town in Bulgaria, Georgi had practiced all kinds of sports, including his favorite, soccer. However, going to the gym had never crossed his mind. Shortly after his arrival to United States he discovered Bodybuilding: A sport where people trained their bodies to have great muscular mass along with very low body fat percentages. After seeing the beauty of losing fat while building muscle mass, it became a part of his lifestyle. This inspired him to want to help others reach their fitness goals as well but realized how much of a struggle it was whenever he tried to while balancing it with his own personal goals. His advice even to this day is, “You can’t help others go to a certain level of training that they want if you personally haven’t been there yourself.”

During the last four years, Georgi decided to use that time to challenge himself and experience on his very own what it’s truly like to gain muscle, lose weight, and have a total body transformation. And to this day he is still setting goals and striving to be his very best. And in return, offer inspiration and guidance to others.

In 2014 Georgi and Svet decided to partner together to build one of the most successful Personal Training Company World Wide – SVETNESS FITNESS AND NUTRITION.

Never give up, Just do it.

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