Chaza Betenjane
Zumba Instructor

Coming from a colorful environment with a diverse Mediterranean background, Chaz grew up with 2 passions: music and fashion. She is a fashion designer and a certified Zumba instructor with international expertise. Chaz started taking dance classes in addition to fitness classes since her early teen age years, and started practicing Zumba sine it’s early rise in 2006 and later in 2012 decided to make a career of her passion and got her Zumba license for adults then for kids. Her Zumba class is a unique combination of fitness and dance, it always feels like a party, it makes you happy and energized while it reduces your stress and anxiety, Zumba is a great way for serious calories burning cardio while having fun and listening to up lifting music, and guess what? With Zumba your brain gets a workout too!

Zumba doesn’t require any expertise in dancing or fitness, and it’s a great way to start your journey to fitness, so come on, put a smile on your face and join the party ….

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