Barry Brown
Personal Trainer

Barry was born and raised in Columbia, SC where he led an active lifestyle. He participated in martial arts, soccer, and swimming throughout grade school. When he graduated from high school, Barry attended the United States Military Academy where he discovered his passion lifting weights, proper nutrition, and growing stronger. He left the academy and nurtured that passion to become a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Barry specializes in high intensity “boot camp style” workouts that help his client’s blast away fat and build attractive muscle. Barry then provides his clients with the tools and skills they need to build good habits and make better choices around nutrition. The result is that Barry’s clients become leaner, feel better, and make lasting lifestyle changes.

Barry chose Svetness because it provides him with the opportunity to help as many people as possible. By it’s nature as an in-home personal training service, it is Svetness’ mission to bring fitness to everybody regardless of where they are on their journey. That is a mission Barry believes in and it’s why he chooses to work with Svetness.

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