Stay On Track By Logging Your Workouts

At Svetness Fitness & Nutrition, we know how much of a challenge it can be to pursue regular workouts for losing weight, building strength, and increasing endurance. Whether you’re working out with one of our personal trainers or on your own at our Waldorf gym, keeping the motivation up is an ongoing struggle. One great way to help yourself stay on track is to keep a log of all the exercises you do in a day.

Make a table on a piece of lined paper, or perhaps create a document on your computer. Include a row for every day of the month, and make a column to track each exercise for which you’d like to make progress. They could be squats, chin-ups, sit-ups, curls, burpies, or other exercises in which it’s easy to count your reps. Every day, record the number of reps you performed for each exercise. Other activities, such as running, swimming, or cycling, might be better measured by recording the total amount of time you spent on it in a day. Adding numbers to your log helps to give you a feeling of accomplishment, and provides an easy way to monitor your improvement with each exercise over time.

You may also want to start tracking your bad habits. Add columns for things like number of beers or sodas consumed, time spent on your phone or computer, or any other activity that detracts from your physical fitness. If you choose to stick with it, the pleasure you get from these vices can be replaced with the satisfaction of watching your bad habits decrease as your good ones continue to climb. Try it today!

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