Ideas For Healthy Snacks

Working toward your physical fitness challenges can be a lot harder when you aren’t being careful about what you eat (notice that we didn’t use the “D” word). Our personal trainers are more of the mind that habits, not rules, are what should be used to create an individual’s ideal nutritional intake. We also know it’s a lot more tempting to eat bad when we’re hungry. So why not make a simple change of habit to avoid that possibility? An easy habit to establish is snacking, and when done with proper nutrition, can actually help you stay healthy. Here’s a few ideas.

Carrots & Celery
Two of our favorite veggies. A bag of baby carrots is fun to munch on, as are washed and cut celery stalks. Both are excellent sources of dietary fiber, and provide a slight energy boost in the form of carbs and protein. Carrots are also loaded with Vitamin A, essential for healthy eyesight.

When it comes to grab-and-go energy in a convenient package, nothing beats a piece of fresh fruit. From oranges to plums to bananas to apples, each one has a different flavor and set of nutrients to offer. Can’t decide on just one? Make a fruit salad!

Chock full of energy-rich protein, nuts are a great way settle an appetite until mealtime. They’re accessible by the handful, but be sure to avoid salted or seasoned varieties. Almonds can be pricey, peanuts will get it done for less. And a low-sodium, unsweetened peanut butter on apple slices or celery stalks will definitely quell hunger pangs. Ants on a log, anyone?

The Leesburg personal trainers of Svetness want you to go into your next workout without being weak from hunger or weighed down from a recent meal. By observing proper nutrition in your snacking habits, you can get just the right amount of energy, right when you need it.

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