Fitness Studios Waldorf, MD

Our fitness studio in Waldorf offers first-class training experience while shaping your body. Top-of-the-line equipment is at your disposal so you can take advantage of the best in the fitness field. Besides all racks, machines, and free weights you will find a Swedish ladder for gymnastics and acrobatics training and a heavy bag for conditioning and hand-work. All our equipment is perfectly maintained, so you can enjoy quality, modern and safe exercising environment.
Depending on your wishes, you can opt for some personalized activities at Svetness fitness studio:

  • 1-o-1 personal training
  • couples` personal training
  • semi-private personal training classes
  • boot camp conditioning classes

Personal training is provided by appointment between trainer and client.
Members of one-on-one personal training or couples’ personal training programs are provided with in-person instruction, personalized nutrition plans, personalized exercise protocols, and food advice from their personal trainer.
Members of boot camps and semi-private classes are entitled to fitness classes for a set amount of times per month, available at specific times of day.

Smoothie shop

Our smoothie shop offers refreshing and energizing smoothies that give you the fortification to keep moving even after highly intensive training or during a busy day. Energy is coming to you in a form of tasty beverage made to order. We use organic ingredients and high quality supplements that are researched extensively and backed by experience.
Come in and indulge your body.

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