Five Beautiful Running Trails In Maryland

Maryland is a Mid-Atlantic US state that borders Washington D.C, West Virginia, and Virginia to its west and south, Delaware to its east, and Pennsylvania to its north. The state’s capital is Annapolis, and its largest city is Baltimore. Also known as the Free State, the Chesapeake Bay State, and Old Line State, Maryland has […]

Is an In Home Personal Trainer the Best Option for You?

When is it time for an In-Home Personal Trainer? The quest for physical fitness and better health is no small undertaking, even those with plenty of training experience can benefit from a little extra help. Having the undivided attention of an expert in the science and execution of the various fitness routines is a benefit […]

Ideas For Healthy Snacks

Working toward your physical fitness challenges can be a lot harder when you aren’t being careful about what you eat (notice that we didn’t use the “D” word). Our personal trainers are more of the mind that habits, not rules, are what should be used to create an individual’s ideal nutritional intake. We also know […]

Learn How To Boost Your Stamina

The personal trainers of Leesburg’s Svetness Fitness & Nutrition want our clients to get the most out of every workout. The pursuit of physical fitness is an ongoing challenge of a multi-faceted nature. One of those many facets is stamina, or endurance. Building stamina is an essential component to any regular workout routine. Here are […]

Stay On Track By Logging Your Workouts

At Svetness Fitness & Nutrition, we know how much of a challenge it can be to pursue regular workouts for losing weight, building strength, and increasing endurance. Whether you’re working out with one of our personal trainers or on your own at our Waldorf gym, keeping the motivation up is an ongoing struggle. One great […]

Easy Fiesta Bowl Salad

Combine 1/4 cup each canned black beans (rinsed and drained), chopped avocado, canned corn (drained) and chopped cherry tomatoes with the juice of 1/2 fresh lime and salt to taste. Serve on top of 2 cups romaine.   Source: Ingredients  1/4 cup black beans 1/4 cup cubed avacado 1/4 cup corn 1/4 cherry tomato 1/2 lime, juiced 2 cups romaine lettuce [...]

Are Carbohydrates Really Our Enemies?

Carbohydrates are regarded as the greatest enemy, which causes overweight. Do you need to avoid the carbohydrates and to find the culprit in something else? Are they really that bad for you? Carbohydrates and sugars are the main fuel used by the brain, the heart and the muscles. They come from the foods we eat, such […]