Are you looking for a complete personal training solution? Let our European Fitness Experts help you meet your fitness goals and push the limits of your capabilities. We provide professional fitness training and nutritional planning services to fit your needs. For years our team of personal trainers has been helping the residents of Leesburg, Waldorf, and the Greater D.C. area to lose weight, build strength, and increase their endurance. And our clients are thrilled by what they see in the mirror. Whether you want to participate in group fitness classes like Bootcamp or would rather have one of us come to you for individual training, we can give you access to the best group and personal training in the area. But you don’t just have to take our word for it; we have a long history of satisfied clients. Read some of their testimonials about Svetness Fitness & Nutrition below.

I was looking for a personal trainer who would be able to travel to me and motivate me to be more active. I found Svetness fitness online and they were offering everything that I was looking for in a personal trainer (low prices, fitness and nutritional advice). I met with the owner Svet so he could determine what my goals were, which was mainly getting active and shedding some pounds. I was teamed up with Christina as my trainer. She is the Cheerleader I was looking for, always challenging me to jog a little longer or do a couple more crunches when I'm ready to give up. I am looking forward to improving and continuing my fitness goals with Svetness Fitness.

Nadia T. / March 3 2014

I recommend Svetness and Georgi Lazarov in particular. I have lost twenty pounds, inches off my waist, and feel great! Georgi helps me with nutrition advice and constantly helping me understand how the exercises are affecting my body. He keeps it interesting by showing me variations all the time. My muscles have grown and my fat has shrunk. I could not be more pleased.

Kevin H. / February 25 2014

I have loved working out with Svetness. My personal trainer, Enitan, creates individualized workouts for me based on my fitness goals and abilities. No workout is the same, and I am always being challenged!

Megan M. / February 25 2014

Svet is very dedicated to his clients training needs. He worked with me to make sure I was comfortable and was receiving what I wanted out of my training and nutrition.

Arielle K. / November 4 2013

"I worked out with Svet when I weight 270 lbs and within a few months I got down to 230 lbs thanks to Svet and his intense workouts. Couldn't have done it without his expert knowledge and help. Thanks Svet!"

Joshua P. / July 9 2013

"Svet was my personal trainer for 1 year and he is very knowledgeable about various forms of exercises, nutrition and health. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer."

James M. / July 9 2013

"At first I wasn't sure if I wanted a personal trainer, just like many others. Then I decided to give it a shot. So I purchased the Diamond program since it is the complete training package. In just one week I could notice a difference. Now, after a year, I do not regret choosing Svetness LLC for personal training services; I'm actually happy that I did. I will continue my membership and will recommend it to others, even to the ones that have a personal trainer with another company. It is worth the money. If anyone is motivated by progress, they should definitively give it a shot. Not tomorrow, but today. You will not regret it."

Vadim D. / July 4 2013

"svet is legit! at first I wasnt too sure if I wanted to do personal training because I'm a student and therefore have little money to splurge. I saw other personal trainers and saw they charged outrageous amounts for their services. however, svet is very flexible with his payment. this made it possible for me to focus on myself instead of the money. as for the training, this guy will kick your ass, but the results are worth it. it has been about a month for me and I have lost 10 pounds of what I'm sure was fat. also I feel much stronger and my existing back and shoulder problems are starting to alleviate themselves. if you are serious about training than the svetness personal training program is for you. the svetnesss program will not only help change how you look, but it will positively change how you live your lifestyle.

Dom L. / March 9 2013