Svetlozar Zurkov (Svet)
Chairman / CEO/ Founder/ Master Trainer

Svet comes from a small town in Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. He has been involved in sports since he was 7 years old. In 2007,  Svet came to USA with a dream to start a fitness company using the techniques he learned from his professional trainers in Bulgaria. Svet honed his training techniques here in the USA working for major fitness companies. In 2011, Svetness  Personal Training LLC was created and has quickly become one of the top personal training companies in the tri state area. Because of his huge success, in 2014 he created Svetness Fitness and Nutrition Corp. Svet’s goal is to make Svetness Fitness and Nutrition a global wide wellness company.

Svet’s continued success and ambition has truly made him the American Dream story.

I was looking for a personal trainer who would be able to travel to me and motivate me to be more active. I found Svetness fitness online and they were offering everything that I was looking for in a personal trainer (low prices, fitness and nutritional advice). I met with the owner Svet so he could determine what my goals were, which was mainly getting active and shedding some pounds. I was teamed up with Christina as my trainer. She is the Cheerleader I was looking for, always challenging me to jog a little longer or do a couple more crunches when I'm ready to give up. I am looking forward to improving and continuing my fitness goals with Svetness Fitness.

Nadia T. / March 3 2014

I don’t Just Dream About It, I Make It Come True.

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